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Testing & Commissioning

Excellent Conditions of equipments are very important in purpose to guarantee the factory could reach the Production Target and Performances. Electric equipments in your plant, such as MCC, Switchgear, Distribution Board, Lighting Panel, Transformer, Motor, Cathodic Protection, Cables, and others should have a routine test to make sure they are still in good conditions.

Continuity Test, Megger Test, High Potential Test, Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA Test) and Breakdown Voltage Test for transformer oil, illumination test for Lighting System, CT and PT Ratio Test, Relay Test, and Function Test are common electric testing that ASTEK could provide.

ASTEK could also help companies run Commissioning for your New Equipments to make sure the equipments capability meet the specification. Supported by engineers with Proper Qualification and Certification, ASTEK performs electric testing and commissioning by following standards and codes.

ASTEK also could performs Troubleshooting for any problems of customer’s factories.



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