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Thermography and inspection

Fire can destroy your company or your installations within an extremely short time frame. The value of the goods destroyed during a fire can be tremendous, and the cost of a life that is lost during a fire is impossible to calculate. Fire can be caused by Extreme heat or Overheating. Extreme heat in any system components is indication of potensial equipment failure. Overheating can cause problems that can lead to expensive or even catastrophic failures resulting costly down time. How to Reduce Down time and save huge money? Using Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (Thermograph) can  accurately measure the Temperature locate anomalies that theaten Employee safe and reability of your system components is safe. 

With ASTEK you can safe your company by scheduling repair before failure occurs profitability, productivity, and work place safety will be all increased. Utilizing and advanced thermograph service are provide by FLIR technology and professional inspector and engineer.

The Advantages if your company doing Thermograpy are:

  • Avoid Fire
  • Safety increases, maximize maintenance efforts.
  • Avoid Losses, accidents, serious hotspots leads yet killing people, employees or public.
  • Reduced Power comsumption
  • Reduced unexpected outage cost. Extanted equipment life.
  • Prevent loss production increased production in your company.
  • Save energy cost, profit increase.



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