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Thermography and inspection

Fire could present significant risk to your business. Once fire has ignited, it could destroy anything in a blink of an eye. The cost of tools and materials destroyed by the fire can be tremendous, it can even claim life whose value is impossible to calculate. Fire might be triggered by Extreme Heat or Overheating. Extreme heat in a system component is an indication of potential equipment failure, while overheating can cause problems that lead to expensive and even catastrophic failures which result in costly down time. How can such a risk be reduced and hence, save money? Thermography is the answer! An Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (Thermograph) can accurately measure temperature and thus, locate anomalies that occur which might threaten the safety of your Employees and your system components.

With ASTEK, you can save your company the risk of fire by scheduling repair before failure occurs. That way, your profit, productivity, and workplace safety will naturally increase. You can utilize ASTEK’s advanced Thermograph service which is provided by FLIR technology and handled by professional inspectors and engineers.

Some evident advantages for applying Thermography are:

          Prevent fire from igniting by detecting hot spots.

          Avoid loss, accidents, and life threatening incidents.

          Reduce power consumption.

          Reduce unexpected outage cost, extend equipment lifespan.

          Prevent production loss, increase productivity.

         Save energy cost, increase profit.



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